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Look forward to all your future projects.

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My name is keith, I have recently picked up the Hard Magic book I of the grimnoir chronicles. Honestly i have never read anything like it and is now my favorite book. I caan not wait for Book II. When will the release date be on? Just taking a break from this incredibly awesome read to say: My brother read about Monster Hunter International on one of the forums he belongs to and decided to check it out. He loved it as well as the sequels. As it is, I am not getting my required beauty sleep and I blame my brother — and you, of course.

I am loving this so much! I have been an MHI fan since pretty much the beginning for many reasons, not the least of which is that Julie is both a bad ass and an Auburn alum. I told two of my Auburn brethren — both former Marines, one a sniper — about MHI and finally they downloaded the eBooks. The sniper took MHI to Vegas and wound up reading by the pool instead of playing blackjack. The other guy travels constantly and burned through all three in two weeks. They both thought I was cool before for being a woman who is passionate about football, but now, after introducing them to MHI?

So yeah, thanks for giving me major street cred with my Auburn Jarheads!! This state excluding Austin is as red as Utah. People here love books like MHI. Hell, this is Texas — guns are a practical fashion accessory. Plus, I am convinced there is at least one Undead on our County Commission….

Larry, Great books, I bought the 2 Monster hunter and hard magic book on audio book, And i could not stop listening to them. I was reading the preview for the 3rd MHI book, and i was wondering will it have more Agent Franks in it? MHA is mostly about Earl, so for those questions, no.


We revisit all of those things in the next Owen book, which is Monster Hunter Legion. Thanks for writing, Larry, your books rock. I picked up MHI on a whim when I was on a road trip and have made it a point to get all your books since.


Very nice work. I hope you plan to write more of those, as I find the setting just incredibly fun to read. When will the next book be out,? But I was wondering what the chances are of the series being made into movies? And there is a TV deal. If you put that into the search window for the blog you should find it. The official annocement was around March if I remember right. Just to add to the last post I wanted to let you know that these two books are the only ones that I have really enjoyed to read cover to cover.

I wrote about how much I loved the other two books in the monster hunter series. I would love to see these books made into movies. I would love to know if there are any talks in the works? I absolutly love the entire MHI series! Its the kind of gun, action, killing adventure from hell that ive always enjoyed. I read MHA in a day, i was wondering if there are any plans for another novel soon?

I dont want to ask it here for fear of spoilers, so do you have an email address I can send my question to? This is where I say nice things about Monster Hunter Vendetta:. Larry, pleaase make a fourth Monster Hunter Book!!!!! I guarentte did i spell that right, wait who cares?! Please continue with owen.

I read MHA last night and was blown away. I especially dug the ominous tease at the end not to mention the new characters that promise to make things decidedly more interesting and life more complicated for Earl, Z and the rest of the gang at MHI. Thank you for these exceptional books. My husband and I argue over who gets to read them first, usually me as I have a bit more free time.

I have enjoyed all three MH books and am looking forward to the second Grimnoir book as that series has so much potential and could go so many directions. Again thank you.

This would force me to let her read it first. At one time both Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler were both putting out decent books every year and timing their release for mid-August. Pity their quality declined. Man, it has been about 4 years since I pre-ordered MHI. Book and patch both arrived fine, by the way. I am looking forward to your other books as soon as they are available.

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Thanks for churning out the feel good blow-em to bits and take no guff stories. Big question will be whether Jason will hold a grudge. I didnt even know about this series till 4 months ago when my buddy told me about it, i read MHI and MHV in about 2 weeks and i just started MHA and its just as great as the other two books, i also read hard magic which is the start of an awesome series, looking forward to dead six as well, keep writing great books and ill keep reading them. I read about you in the Dillon Blue Press and I picked up your first novel and before I knew it I had all of your books.

Great reads with good guns. Thanks and keep them coming. Awesome work, man! Excellent read! Will you publish your books electronically eventually, Listening to Hard Magic on 6 hour drives to work, but would love to have a copy on my kindle eventually. All of my books are available on Kindle.

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Hi Have now read all of your books including The Grimnoir Chronicles. Just finished Monster Hunter Alpha. Cannot wait for the next. Liz Ludlow, Shropshire UK. That would rock. PS …love the books keep em coming!!! Just finished reading both of the hard magic books, all I can say is where is the 3rd?? Larry you really out did yourself with this series, it was great. Please make your books available on the Kindle!!! It is the only way I read because of the convience for me.

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I really want to read your books all the reviews look great. It is on the Kindle. Has anybody ever written up what exactly the disagreement between Amazon and Baen is? If so, can someone link it? They are all awesome!

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Hard Magic was like riding a roller coaster of fun. I loved so many of the characters, especially the Okie! She had the best lines.